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Post Menopausal Health Program

Post Menopausal Health Program

Many women find themselves gaining weight during the menopause even if they're eating no more calories than previously. Others notice their shape changing, especially around the waist and abdomen..

Why do we gain weight at menopause?

  • Primarily because we are less physically active than before: our muscle mass decreases and muscles turn to fat.
  • Our metabolism often changes at perimenopause, and our bodies appear to hold on to fat until we discover the secrets of burning off fat through exercise, and eating a low-fat healthy diet.
  • We may be stressed and producing excesses of the hormone cortisol which is associated with flight or fight responses. High cortisol levels often cause us to put on weight especially around our waist.
  • All ladies in the Pre and Post -Menopausal Stage who are either gaining weight, complaining of joint pains, have indication of osteoporosis, heart disease, etc and are suffering from any of the above symptoms.


    Dealing with menopause and its problems and making the transition easy, stress- free and healthy is the objective of this program. Weight loss if required would be the primary concern as well.

    This program includes detailed analysis of one's long and short term dietary habits. Customized Diets are planned based on hormonal status, associated problems, drugs intake, genetic history, weight gain graph, food preferences and more.

    Weekly diet plans are sent via email or are visible on the website when one logs in. The program is very convenient, you can visit the clinic or take online plans. Diets are nutritionally adequate  and work on achieving good health.


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